Numeria provides the clearest view of a firm’s value.

Companies of all sizes make mission-critical decisions that involve raising capital, acquiring or divesting a business, setting benchmarks and other strategic or tactical moves. Many of these decisions should be supported by a corporate valuation.

Today’s business climate demands objectivity and independence in valuations like never before, as well as rich analyses that allow senior management, directors and investors to make decisions with confidence.

Objectivity and independence have been somewhat scarce commodities in traditional valuations. But, Numeriasm offers a fresh approach – market-based valuations – that delivers superior results through a patent-pending, stock exchange-like process using multiple analysts rendering multiple opinions.

What Clients Say

We were blown away by the process. We learned more in 90 minutes about how our business creates value than we’ve learned in the last ten years.
-- COO, Software Developer/Integrator

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Numeria in the News

9/19/2006 - Hedgebay, a secondary market for buying and selling private or illiquid investments, and Numeria, a prediction market for valuing private or illiquid assets, announced the formation of a strategic alliance today. Through this exclusive alliance, investors and firms can have illiquid, equity-based corporate assets valued using Numeria and then can buy or sell those assets using Hedgebay.

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